I'm not a number, I'm a free man.

Much has been made of how many followers you have on twitter, how many likes and followers you have on dribbble and other channels. Everything online is a numbers game, because computers do numbers easily.

These kind of metrics are extremely shallow and we need to recognise that.

Just because you have thousands of followers doesn't make you good at what you do. That's acheived by hard work and learning day after day. As we've seen with both twitter and instagram, followers can be bought, and as we've seen on dribbble, it's not neccesarily the quality of your work that gets you on the front page.

Some of the worlds greatest designers aren't on twitter or dribbble, or anything else for that matter. But they do great work and are learning every day of their life. They don't need the peer acceptance and adoration to make it through the day.

As long as you're improving with each design, and learning as you go, the numbers don't matter.

It's just about you and your work.