Roastdeck logo

The problem

As a home coffee roaster, I strive to make the best coffee I can, and so do many others. After speaking with numerous others in the home-roasting community I found that nearly everyone uses google docs to track their roasts. This can limit the type of information you want to record as a roaster. In an effort to learn React, I built out a base responsive serverless app using AWS, and have employed a developer to implement the more complex needs.


  • User research
  • Product design
  • UX/UI design
  • Responsive design

What I’ve done

Using my research, I’ve built out the most used and requested data points that users need and have a prioritised roadmap for improvements which I’m expecting to add to. I’ve designed a brand, accessible color palette and typography along with the visual design of the landing page and MVP app all in Figma.

Using Figmas auto-layout and variants has made designing the UI extremely quick and consistent.

Initial OKR’s and growth KPI’s have been established, and baseline tracking will begin once Roastdeck is launched.

Roastdeck brand - color palette, typography and buttons
Roastdeck website