Google font pairings

I remember using Google’s open-source font platform for the first time shortly after it launched in 2010. Together with Typekit (acquired by Adobe in 2011) and ClearLeft’s now-mothballed Fontdeck, it enabled typography on the web like never before. Before @font-face became widely adopted by browsers, typography had been limited to web-safe fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman etc

Google font type specimens

Google’s open source font platform is added to regularly, and I wanted to spotlight some of the less well-known fonts and how they might pair with other fonts on the platform.

These type specimens were put together in Figma. Thanks to their auto-layout and text-styles, it made this a breeze. Now, on to the pairings.

Slab Serif + Sans Serif
Alfa Slab One + PT Sans

Alfa Slab One and PT Sans type specimen

Alfa Slab OnePT Sans

Bauhaus + Rounded Sans Serif
Staatliches + Quicksand

Staatliches and Quicksand type specimen


Rounded-square Sans Serif + Sans Serif
Michroma + Noto Sans

Noto Sans and Michroma type specimen

MichromaNoto Sans

Mono-linear slab-serif + Sans Serif
Cherry Swash + Montserrat

Montserrat and Cherry Swash type specimen

Cherry SwashMontserrat

Serif + Monotype
Noto Serif + Space Mono

Noto Serif and Space Mono type specimen

Noto SerifSpace Mono

Serif + Sans Serif
Lora + Sarala

Lora and Sarala type specimen